Double Flame Lighter


Double Flame Lighter

Lighter that is made to Impress!🔥

A lighter that you will simply not find anywhere else


This lighter has the ability to enchant anyone with its stunning alluring design and easy to use features. It has a dual flame, one that come out of the main body and another one out of the mouth.

You will simply not find another lighter like this one. Dragon Lighter is a refillabledual-capability, lighter designed to leave people in awe. The adjustable flame size allows you to set the size of the flame you desire. Crafted thoughtfully with beautiful colors & accents to match any and all aesthetics. 


An elegant and classy design, the Double Flame Lighter is a great choice for your men's lighter collection. It is also a great gift for your friends, father, brother, family, boyfriend. Give them one of these lighters that make an excellent gift idea on Father’s Day, Birthday Gift, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or any time they deserve a special gift.

Key Features

🔥Dual lighter\torch capability
🔥 Adjustable flame size
🔥 Luxurious craftsmanship
🔥 Ergonomic and unique design
🔥 Easily refillable
🔥 Makes for a perfect gift



  • Flame: From Mouth
  • Fill With: Butane Gas



📦 Package Includes

  • 1 × Double Flame Lighter


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