Luminous Halloween Stickers


Luminous Halloween Stickers

Liven Yourself Up This Year With Glow in the Dark Tattoos

Hold them under a light, shine a torch at them or even put your phone screen on them to 'charge them up' then go somewhere dark to watch them glow!


  • Easy to apply and remove the sticker
  • Premium quality
  • Fun & safe for children and adult
  • Choose the sticker and paste them wherever you want

    How to Use:

    1. Cut out the design and remove the transparent paper cover
    2. Put the tattoo face down on the skin
    3. After 20-30 seconds, completely soak the tattoo with a sponge
    4. Remove the paper and enjoy the beauty of temporary Luminous tattoos

    Removal method:

    1. Apply cleaning oil, nail polish, baby oil or medical alcohol to the cotton pad.
    2. Cover the tattoo for 10 seconds, then wipe back and forth.
    3. After the pattern is completely dissolved, wipe with a paper towel.

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