Silicone Sealed Wine Champagne Stopper


Silicone Sealed Wine Champagne Stopper


Bottle Cap Stopper is the Ultimate Solution to Maintaining the Exquisite Taste of Your Wine for several days. Spin to open with ease and have a worriless drinking experience!

Best for resealing wine and champagne, this mini bottle stopper fits perfectly, firmly locking the bottle and preventing the liquid from changing taste and texture as it would if left open.

The seal of the wine stopper is made from food-grade silicone material that is safe to use. The round shell shaped outer covering is made of durable ABS material, which is easy to clean and wear-resistant.

🍾 Easy To Use

This Wine bottle Stopper adopts a Swivel Lock DesignSimply insert the cap into the bottle neck, tightly plugging the wine bottle. 

To seal and lock, rotate till the arrow on the bottom part of the cap aligns with the locked icon on the upper part. 

To open, simply rotate back to the original position, till the arrow aligns with the unlock icon and pull the entire stopper up to uncork the bottle.

In addition, the Bottle Stopper has a Thoughtful Finger Grooves to provide the fingertips with traction, making it easy to apply force.


🥂 Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers🎁

The Wine Bottle Stopper is Ideal Gift for Wine LoversIt is suitable for your standard Reds, Sparkling Rose, Champagne bottles and even some large beer and soda bottles. It can be the Perfect Present on various occasions, such as Christmas, Weddings, House Warming Parties and Birthdays!


📦 Package includes:

1 x Silicone Sealed Wine Champagne Stopper

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