Crystal 360° Spinning Decanter


Crystal 360° Spinning Decanter

Dazzle Your GuestsWith Crystal 360° Spinning Decanter 💎

Spinning Crystal Decanter is a State-of-the-Art wine separator that rotates 360° on the center of its carved base.

A truly majestic design that ensures your decanter will spin smoothly for years to come.

The Diamond Cut Crystal and exquisite quality will mesmerize you every time you spin it to aerate your wine.


Inspire People Around You 🥂 

This lead-free decanter aerates the wine to allow the flavors to develop. It is an exceptional piece of craftsmanship that can be in your man cave or the wine cellar in your basement, or placed as a decor in your board rooms to impress both wine and whisky lovers.



Perfect For Gift

This crystal wine decanter is sure-to-impress whoever is it’s lucky recipient!
Order an extra one, with our exquisite gift packaging, for your father on his birthday, or your husband as an anniversary present, or a house warming gift for friends!



 Decanter Specifications:

Material: Crystal Glass

Style: Diamond Cut Pattern

Capacity: 1.5L

Weight: 2.5kg


📦 Package Includes

1 x Crystal 360° Spinning Decanter



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