Lightning Reaction Party Game


Lightning Reaction Party Game

The Most Thrilling Game Of The Season Is Here! ⚡😱

 Enter the shocking world of electro-punishment with this thrilling reaction game. Lightning Reaction Party Game is a perfect party starter and always brings a smile to the faces of people.

When you push the button, the music stops and the light changes from red to green, you must be quick before the other person pulls a shocker! But don’t think you can cheat – if you cheat, you'll get shocked!

Be the quickest to react and watch everyone else feel the pain as the Shockwave hits!

⚠️ Note:  Lightning Reaction Party Game has a variable shock control – Low, Medium, and High. How much electric shock can you take… very little or electrifying.



Make Your Game Nights Fun and Exciting 🤩

Shock and awe with Lightning Reaction Reloaded. You’ll have a blast while surprising your friends with this shocking, electrifying game. Use it at parties, or as a great prank! This is a lightning reaction game that you won't want to miss out on. Set it up in your living room or backyard, and watch the fun unfold as friends take turns shocking each other. Nothing says "vacation" like an electric shock party!



📖 Rules to Play

  • Switch on the Shock game, pick a number of losers and start the game
  • The console plays a nerve-whirling sound while the start button lights up red
  • When the sound ends and the start button lights green - press your console button
  • The one who presses the button last gets the shock
  • If you press your button too early, you also get shocked and the game is over
  • There are 4 controllers, where 1-3 players can be shocked
  • Therefore, decide if it should be 1, 2, or 3 out of 4 players, who should be shocked


Product Specification

  • Upgraded version with LED countdown timer!
  • Ideal for 2-4 players
  • Switch between Time Mode or Lucky Mode 
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)



📦 Package includes

1 x Lightning Reaction Party Game

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