Floppy Lobster - Interactive Dog Toy


Floppy Lobster - Interactive Dog Toy


Non-Stop Fun for your Pet! 🐶🦞


Keep your pet entertained and happy for hours with the Flopping Lobster, specifically designed to enhance your pup's mood and stimulate their senses

But that's not all - this toy promises more than that:

🐕Prevents Destructive Behavior - Allowing the dog to play releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in the dog's brain. This gives him satisfaction and reduces the urge to engage in destructive behaviors (such as chewing furniture or shoes and destroying wires)

🐾 Happy Hops - It helps relieve anxiety by providing the dog with healthy exercise, keeping your pets mentally & physically fit!

🐶Eliminates Boredom - Dogs require complex activities to stimulate their brains, capturing their attention for extended periods. Unlike many traditional toys that can be unresponsive, dogs often lose interest quickly. However, with the Flopping Lobster, this is definitely not the case!



Why Does Your Pup Need It? 🐾

Indoor living can restrict a Pup's regular exercise routine. Recognizing the need for indoor physical activity, this Lobster Interactive Dog Toy provides pets with a healthy way to stay active and engaged, eliminating boredom and promoting overall well-being.



Pet Safe & Pet Approved

The Lobster Interactive Dog Toy is built with 100% safe non-toxic materialsDogs of all shapes and sizes are be able to play without worry. Crafted from Eco-friendly Plastic material, it's gentle on teeth and gums


Double The Action, Double The Fun! 🐶

The Flopping Lobster has a silent contact motion sensor! It automatically starts once your doggo or cat plays with the Flopping Lobster & will automatically stop if your doggo or cat stops touching it for a brief moment!

Gift your dog or cat the Lobster Interactive Dog Toy, and watch as it becomes their daily joy, offering benefits like stress relief! 



Q: Is it motion activated?
A: Yes! It automatically starts flopping once it detects movement & stops flopping when your doggo is taking a break from play time!

Q: Is it machine washable? 
A: Yes! Ensure that your doggo has a clean toy to play with by simply removing the Flopping Lobster contact motion sensor before placing the removable cover in the washing machine!

Q: Is it made from pet friendly materials?
A: The Flopping Lobster Toy has durable & plush material and it is safe for your pet to play with! 

Q: Is it USB Rechargeable?
A: Yes! It comes with a complementary USB charging cable that can connect to any USB-Based Device (Laptop, Desktop or USB Adapter)!

Q: Can other pets such as cat play with it?
A: Yes other pets such as cats can also play with it.


📦Package Includes

1 x Floppy Lobster


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