Bubble Blaster - Gatling Bubble Machine


Bubble Blaster - Gatling Bubble Machine

Unwrap Bubble Toy Joy This Holiday Season 😍 🎄


Gear up for Festive Fun with the Gatling Bubble Machine in this Holiday Playtime Extravaganza! 

Let The Bubble-Bursting Begin With Festivities! ☃️ 🎊


🎁 Great Gift Idea

Surprise your little ones with the perfect gift this Christmas  – the Gatling Bubble Machine! Ideal for holiday celebrations, it ensures endless fun and excitement  for your children


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Child-Friendly Design with No leaks or Spills. Only Joy!

Made with love, 8-Hole Gatling Bubble Machine uses eco-friendly, spill-proof design. Safe for skin and eyes, it ensures worry-free play time for kids.


Easy to Use 

✨ Insert 2 AA batteries in the the Gatling Bubble Machine and close the lid.

Pour the bubble solution into bubble bowl.

✨ Dip the 8-hole machine blower into the bubble solution and shoot 1000s of bubbles.


📦 Package Includes

1 x Gatling Bubble Machine

1 x Bubble Bowl

1 x Bubble Bottle

1 x Concentrated Bubble Liquid


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