Cat Tunnel Bed


Cat Tunnel Bed

🙀 No cat can resist this tunnel bed! 😻


Looking for an amazing bed for your pets where they can also play?

Look no further than the Cat Tunnel Bed! With its adorable tunnel design, this bed is the ideal combination of play and relaxation. Your pet will love snuggling up in the warm, shapeable blanket on top of the bed, while the tunnel design provides a secure and comforting environment. 

It's made of soft and durable wool felt, is lightweight, and stackable, making it ideal for a small space. Experience the joys of an active and happier pet, while providing them a fun and comfy bed.


Why choose the "Hide-and-seek" Cat Bed Tunnel? 🐾


What make it so special that every cat owner wants one? 🐈


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What materials are the "Hide-and-seek" Cat Tunnel Bed made of?

It's made from thick felt material to provide insulating warmth and delivers great sound absorption to dampen noise for easily startled pets. 

The compressed, pliable fabric is hard-molded into a donut-shaped, super cozy dwelling for cats to huddle under and snuggle in for a quiet, restful sleep or play fight with their feline friends.

Q. Can you wash the cat cave?

For daily care, you can use wet wipes to clean.
When you need to wash, the washing directions for the cat bed are:
1. Please hand wash, not machine wash
2. Wash in cold water, water temperature not higher than 110℉
3. Do not scrub
4. Air dry, do not expose to the sun.

Q. How many cats fit in the small?

The top of the cat bed fits one cat to rest and the tunnel part can be used for two cats to chase and play, depending on your cat's personality. And the small one fits cats up to 9lbs.

📦Package Includes

1 x Cat Tunnel Bed


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