Drinking Roulette Party Game


Drinking Roulette Party Game

Gamble Away Your Soberness With This Exotic Drinking Game 🥂🥴

Are you ready for some fun?

With this game of Roulette, you won't be going home with an empty wallet, but at best with a full-blown hangover!

Drinking Roulette Party Game is the Perfect Addition to a House Party! Roll out this Game Set at your next game or movie night. It is definitely a Rowdy Fun for a Group of Close Buddies with an exciting twist on the classic roulette game.



🎉 Make Your Game Nights Exciting and Boozy 🤩

Game Night will keep the good times and alcohol flowing! This fun drinking game is the nerve-wracking excitement of roulette with the leg-wobbling effects of your chosen tipple.

It is a perfect gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties, casino nights, college dorms, adult party favors, and so much more!



Take Shots Till You Get Wasted 🍷

Simply fill the 16-shot glasses with your favorite spirits. You can choose between water, juice, wine, vodka, milk, chili sauce, vinegar, beer etc. Then take turns to spin the wheel. Whichever number the ball lands on is the shot that must be downed.

The game only ends when all the shots have been drunk!



📖 Rules to Play

  1. Fill your glasses with your preferred beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) and put all the glasses in the roulette 
  2. The first player spins the wheel and throws the ball inside the roulette
  3. When the ball stops on a number, the player takes a shot of the drink inside the glass of the corresponding number. Empty glass is refilled and put back  
  4. All the players then take their turns
  5. If the ball falls on 0, the person that spins the wheel takes all shots or everyone drinks 
  6. The game usually ends when everyone is wasted!





📦 Package Includes

1 x Set of Drinking Roulette Party Game


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