Four-Leaf Heart Shaped Necklace


Four-Leaf Heart Shaped Necklace



Every girl wants to be blessed by the goddess of luck. Having a four-leaf clover will bring you a lifetime of happiness

With the four-leaf clover design, this incredible, one-of-a-kind necklace can transform at your leisure into a beautiful row of glittering hearts. Its 100% body-safe magnets can then join all the hearts back together with ease instantly to form a clover pendant. 


The four-leaf clover necklace pendant is composed of 4 love hearts.

🍀 The first leaf represents true love

🍀The second leaf represents good luck

🍀 The third leaf represents health

🍀 The fourth leaf represents faith


This is a perfect thoughtful gift for anyone, especially during Anniversaries, Valentine's Day & Birthdays. This necklace's elegant and retro style will make you or your special one stand out on these special occasions.



📦 Package Includes

1 x Four-Leaf Heart Shaped Necklace


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