Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer


Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer


 Seal The Freshness!😍

🍃 Extended Food Freshness: Crafted from high-density ABS plastic,  It has a powerful suction capacity, removing air quickly to extend food freshness. Prevents moisture and odors absorption, ensuring longer freshness.
🌀 Rechargeable and Portable:  It offers extended sealing capacity with its USB rechargeable, low consumption battery making it portable for trips or picnics while keeping food fresh and sealed with minimal space.

🔄 Versatile Design: Works with wide-mouth and regular sized mason jars without extra accessories.

🤲 Easy to Use:  No longer need to use both hands to press the manual vacuum pump ten or twenty times, Just place the Electric Jar Vacuum Sealer on the Lid of the Jar and just press the button once, wait 10-20 seconds or more, you can complete the vacuum seal.



Why you need this portable electric sealer? 

Traditional vacuum sealing methods are often manual and less versatile, require more space and energy, and can be time-consuming. With the Jar Vacuum Sealer, your culinary creations will stay fresh and flavorful for extended periods, making long-term food preservation a logical choice for anyone seeking to optimize their kitchen experience.

 Maintain Freshness with Ease! 🍲

Seal in freshness effortlessly! The Electric Jar Vacuum Sealer is simple and efficient, preventing food spoilage. ! It locks in flavors and nutrients, maintaining the freshness of fruits, vegetables, soups/salsas, and dry goods while extending their shelf life.


Meeting the Needs of Every Family 🙌

Unleash culinary conveniencewith our Electric Jar Vacuum Sealer! From kombu tea to canned fruits, preserve a variety of treats effortlessly. Its compact design not only saves kitchen space but also makes it perfect for outdoor adventures like camping or picnics. Ideal for anyone seeking kitchen simplicity, it's a thoughtful addition to any culinary enthusiast's arsenal.




Most commonly Asked Questions


Q. How does the Electric Jar Vacuum Sealer Works?

The Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer uses an electric vacuum method. You simply place the device on top of the jar, press the button, and it creates an airtight seal, keeping your food fresh for longer.

Q. What type of jars does it fits?

The vacuum sealer is designed to be versatile, fitting both wide-mouth and regular-mouth jars commonly found in households.

Q. How long does it take to achieve a vacuum seal?

It delivers a consistent and long-lasting seal in just 10-20 seconds, offering a quick and efficient solution for preserving your food.

📦Package Includes

1 x Electric Jar Vacuum Sealer


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