Northern Lights Cube Lamp


Northern Lights Cube Lamp


💞Make Your Room Vibrant With The Lamp! 😍



Picture the calm beauty of the Northern Lights or gentle ocean waves with the Northern Lights Cube Lamp. Transform your living room into a peaceful and romantic retreat with soothing, moving lights.

💡 Dynamic Light Modes:The Northern Lights Cube Lamp projects 18 colors of the Northern Lights. It creates a relaxing ambiance with soothing music, turning your living room into a beautiful and romantic retreat with serene, moving lights.

🔄 Remote Control: The Northern Lights Cube Lamp comes with a remote control. You can easily turn the lights and stars on or off, adjust the brightness, change modes, and control the speed. 

🤲 Easy to Use: Unlike other projection lamps, this one is fully rechargeable and can be placed anywhere you find convenient. Other lamps need to be plugged in constantly, which can limit where you can use them.



🌈Color Therapy to Boost Your Mood

Cover your space with Brilliant & Beautiful hues and patterns with this Northern Lights Cube Lamp. Instantly Enliven the Ambiance and uplift your mood.


⭐ Artistic and Aesthetic Vibes!

You can place this projector in the room and the space will truly transform at night when the light is lit; bathing the room with vibrant ocean waves colors, giving the space an ethereal feel!



Ideal for homes with large spaces such as foyers, living rooms, bedrooms. 🛋️




🎁 A Perfect Gift:The Northern Lights Cube Lamp will make a great present for your loved ones, making them feel happy and special.

Superior & High-Quality: Designed with premium acrylic and wood material ensuring longevity and durability.

Energy Saving: This lamp uses an LED bulb, thus it is very energy-efficient.

Voltage: 5V 

Dimensions:6"L x 6"W x 6"H



📦Package Includes

1 x Northern Lights Cube Lamp

1 x Remote

1 x USB Cable


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