Pen-shaped Phone Holder with Screwdriver Sets


Pen-shaped Phone Holder with Screwdriver Sets


The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen


This cool handy tool pen not only writes, but also works as a phone holder, capacitive stylus, and comes with 7pcs of screwdriver bits. This magical creation is the ultimate tool for various uses.



🖊️ Multi-Functions

Integrate a variety of functions in one, it can be used as a mobile phone stand, ball pen, stylus, and 7 screwdriver bits, to meet daily needs.


🖊️ Handy Phone Holder

The cap of the pen can be used as a phone holder, making it easy to hold your phone while you are working, studying, watching videos, etc. It also has the function of a stylus that can be used to play games and control the screen of your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices.




🖊️ 7 Common Screwdriver Bits

Built-in seven commonly used screwdriver bits to meet routine maintenance requirements, such as installing, replacing, tightening, and removing screws.



🖊️Small and Portable

With a length of just 15 cm, the ballpoint pen can be carried in your pocket or bag for easy use. It is suitable for use at home, office, school, coffee shop, plane, and high-speed rail.



📦 Package Includes:

  • 1 × Pen-shaped Phone Holder with Screwdriver Sets


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