Rabbit Hat Ear Moving


Rabbit Hat Ear Moving

Add A Little Cuteness In Your Life With This Lovely Rabbit Hat🙇 🐰

Explore the little Jill inside you that wants All Play and No Work sometimes. We all have those days when we want to put minimal effort to look stylish or put together; the days we don’t want to be a sassy bad girl, but look sweet, lovely, and cute.

When you don’t feel the vibe of behaving like a ‘grown-up adult’, just put on this super cute and fun Bunny Hat with Moving Ears that will evoke your childhood memories and get you into the Spirit of the Season.



Become A Babydoll With Your Little Babydoll 👩‍👧 🎁

This Bunny Ear Hat will bring an instant smile on the face of your little babydoll. Make special memories with your little princess by becoming a babydoll for her. Get a Rabbit Ear Moving Hat for yourself and your little angel, set the camera and take cute and adorable pictures this Holiday Season.



Multi-Purpose Hat & Plush Toy 🧸

While keeping your head warm, this Cute, Moveable Rabbit Ear Hat can move and jump ears whenever you squeeze its paw, mimicking a real dancing bunny. Made of soft plush material with velvety insides, it is extremely cozy to wear all day long.

The LED Glowing variant comes with an LED light switch attached above each side of the air pump. Simply unplug the pad on the battery, then press the switch. There are three lighting modes: fast, slow, and stable.


📦 Package Includes

1 x Rabbit Hat Ear Moving


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